When a star college baseball player is hit with the sobering news that he hasn't been drafted, a meaningless intramural baseball game with his wacky teammates turns into the most important game of his life.

A story about life's strikeouts and home runs.

Executive Producer: Chace Crawford

Writer/Director: Joseph Mazzello

Producers: Eric Fischer & Brianna Johnson

Casting Directors: Corbin Bronson
& Elizabeth Barnes

Casting for Maz:

22; Average height, solid build. The star player. A natural, but reluctant leader. Looked up to by his teammates. Quieter than most. Capable of extreme focus. A clear awareness of right and wrong. We meet him at a very interesting crossroads in his life, which colors his personality. He is conflicted. Angry. Fighting with the father he loves. He is the character most in search of peace, who ultimately finds it.

Read for the role of MAZ, to be considered for other roles in the movie as well.